Sunday, December 12, 2010

SLRMC Robbing Santa Hunt Store Names, Locations and Hints

01 Chaos Builders Browser Store
Hint: We Love the Twisted Hunt, think like a Twisted Hunter

02 Definition of Design

Hint: Shh...don't tell anyone that I'm not really a peppermint box

03 LnL Square

Hint: Click the red "i" (hint giver) for an updated hint!

04 Bitch Tail

05 Tat'Tash Ink Tattoos

06 Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry

07 GG and Len Creations (1)

08 Cortes'n'Rossini

09 *Les Petits D├ętails*

10 Roughnecks

11 Charlotte's Closet

12 Equilibrium Designs
Hint: A lucky renegade will find this easily

13 Toritire Clothiers Soho District

14 JLZ Designs

Hint: OMG who stole all the presents!!!!

16 Dark Water Designs

17 Genesis Inc.

18 *Bellies*

19 *MR Designs*

20 GG and Len Creations (2)

21 Dressed by Lexi

22 NVS Creations

23 Dropped Out. Proceed to next location.

24 *ICED*


26 *diavolicious*

27 HCC (His Closet Collection)

28 =PARX= Dreadlocks

29 KamreK Creations

30 AAA Poses

Hint: The Robbing Santa object to find feels well at home between other bright colored Christmas goodies :).

31 =Razorblade Jacket=

32 Bambi's

33 Cabin's~R~KILLER


35 Soul Distraction

36 DramaZone

37 Be Happy!

Hint: Bling, Bling Start to snowing!

38 Vels Boutique

39 emPathy

40 [BedlaM]

41 ViGo Creations

42 Juice .:. Fresh Menswear


44 Graffitiwear
Hint: Bricks are stacked to make a wall, You'll find the prize if you are tall

45 Adored

46 Trashy Designs

47 <Lash-Ware>

48 Earthly Delights

49 D.Hondas Customs

Hint: Cruise on in to the second floor and check the "gage" to see the prize!

50 EZ Stores

Hint: You may look high and low to seek your new reward, but you might have better luck looking by the swords.

51 GG and Len Creations (3)

52 [PAIN] body mods

53 Condemned Designs
Hint: Now wherever would Santa puts his gifts?

54 KizberlanDesign

55 Dreaming of a White Christmas 

Hint: Look for the reason for the season.

56 ::KAZ::

57 SL Renegades MC Sim - Last Stop